Plot installs an IoT sensor network that gives airports a curb to gate platform that monitors, analyzes and forecasts passenger movement

Plot took industry and executive research and developed an inexpensive, easy to install, and highly flexible traveler monitoring system. Plot does this by pairing low-cost IoT sensors with our machine learning algorithms. This combination allows Plot to monitor, analyze, and forecast traveler and vehicle movement by tracking their cellphones.

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Install at a checkpoint in under 4 hours

Our sensors use a standard outlet or power over ethernet (POE), making installation a breeze. We can cover 2-3
checkpoint installations in one day, meaning our entire solution can be up and running in days not months.

Standard Plug

When using standard plugs as an option, we need to make sure the outlets have one free outlet available, and our preference is for the outlets to be out of sight from passengers.

Power over Ethernet (POE)

When using POE, we will work with your IT team to ensure the cables we need are available or installed in the ideal location for our sensor placement.

Delivering a cloud-based dashboard to our partner airports

You can access Plot’s cloud-based dashboard from anywhere in the world in a browser. You can zoom in on any zone and get real-time metrics.

Need a custom report? Let our team know and we can build it for you.

Dashboard Overview Video

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